New Year is the perfect time to reflect on the previous year and look forward to the new year ahead.

So many of us make New Year’s resolutions...but is that the most effective way of moving forward into the year ahead? or is it setting you up to fail before the year has even started?

Too often a New Year’s resolution comprises of giving something up or challenging yourself, in ways that you have never managed before, but feel that the pressure of the new year, is the time to add a burden onto yourself on day one!

This, in my opinion is not the way to move forward into the new year with a positive outlook of things to come.

So how do we go about moving into the New year, without setting ourselves up to fail and achieve what we want throughout the year?

There are so many pressures put upon us in the New Year throughout many social media platforms…


But what if we looked at the New Year in a different way?

What if we took the New Year as an opportunity to improve and develop rather than change? Why do we feel the need to change?

Well social media pressures have allot to answer for in the ‘I need to change’ department. But what if I was to tell you that you are just fine the way you are, and the best way to move into the New Year is to improve, develop, adapt and overcome? This may sound the same as resolutions, but with a different approach, you will find that you are no longer setting yourself up to fail, but to achieve and succeed?

Instead of: NEW YEAR, NEW ME              Try: NEW YEAR, IMPROVED ME

Instead of: QUIT SMOKING                         Try: GET HEALTHY

Instead of: LOOSE WEIGHT                        Try: MOVE MORE

Instead of: EARN MORE MONEY               Try: BUSINESS GOALS

Instead of: THIS IS THE YEAR FOR ME   Try: THIS IS THE YEAR TO                                                                                           IMPROVE


By re-evaluating how we look at the year ahead, we can begin to set achievable goals that will improve not only how we feel about the year to come, but also feel more confident in tackling the goals you want to achieve.

Whether this be love, health, life purpose, business, education, family, by setting goals we can break the goals into manageable sections to improve, develop and achieve.

  1. PLAN – so you know what you want to achieve – but what is the plan? If you stay the same as you have in previous years, you will not achieve your goals.

So, break it down…do you need to invest in education? Do you need to work smarter not harder? Do you need to set yourself apart from the rest of the competition in your industry?

Look at the specific areas that you need to address to achieve your goal. Break it down into manageable sections, and more importantly achievable sections.

  1. ACHIEVABLE TIMEFRAME -it is all well and good setting goals, but if you don’t have a time frame to work to, then you will be setting the same goals in the next year and feel like you have failed in the previous year.

Give yourself a reasonable and achievable time frame to achieve the break down of your goal plan and stick to it! Breaking your goals down into a manageable time frame to achieve each section, will allow you to achieve your goals and feel accomplished.

  1. DEVELOP– the goals that you set in January may very well change in the time frame that you have set and may also change as the year develops. It is highly likely that the goals you set will develop overtime as you achieve them, there is nothing wrong with changing the goals and the time frame to suit the needs of the goal, but do not use this as an excuse to under achieve and fail.

When talking about goals they should NEVER stop! You should always be aiming and moving forward toward something, this way your self-development, drive to achieve and your momentum throughout the year will continue.

How many times throughout the New Year celebrations do we hear ‘Let’s hope this year is better than last year’ or ‘2021 was a terrible year’. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the fault of the lack of achievements throughout the year, is not with the year, the fault lies with you! This may sound like a bitter pill to swallow, but you are to determine the successes of the year, no one else!

So, use this New Year to set goals, no matter how big or small, but make sure that when you reach the end of the year to come, you can look back with pride, and feel fulfilment that the goals you have achieved throughout the year have improved and developed you as a person, and your life as a whole!

Remember, this year doesn’t owe you anything, but you owe yourself everything!