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Gel Paint Full Collection


  • Red - 5ml
  • Orange - 5ml
  • Yellow - 5ml
  • Green - 5ml
  • Blue - 5ml
  • Purple - 5ml
  • Pink - 5ml
  • Brown - 5ml
  • Gold - 5ml
  • Silver - 5ml
  • White - 15ml
  • Black - 15ml
Why you will love our gel paints as much as we do!
  • HEMA FREE - no nasty's
  • Mixable with ALL of the Get Nailed By Lauren McBride gel polishes.
  • Highly pigmented - this gives superior coverage to your designs
  • Can be used as full nail coverage or for intricate design work.
  • Perfect viscosity - allows for the perfect blend and also holds its own weight for fine lines and dot work, without bleeding out into the rest of the design.
  • 3D designs - due to viscosity of our gel paints it means that you can apply slightly thicker to create an embossed design.
  • Stamping - our black gel paint can also be used as a stamping gel, even for the most intricate designs
  • Chrome effect - our gel paints can also be used alongside our chrome powders (cure first then apply the chrome)
  • Easy access pot - no more product wastage, you can either decant the product onto your palette or work straight from the pot.
  • 30 second cure in an led lamp for a slight tacky layer for application of foils or glitter.
  • 60 second cure in an LED lamp / 2 minutes in a UV lamp for a full cure and shiny finish.

Perfect for:

  • Intricate line and design work.
  • One stroke
  • Embossed designs
  • Shading
  • Dot work
  • Wet on wet techniques 

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