TRINITY (3 in 1 solution)

TRINITY (3 in 1 solution)

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Trinity (3 in 1 Solution)


The Get Nailed by Lauren McBride Trinity Solution has been developed to make your life as a nail tech easy! Why have several solutions when you can have the one?!

3 jobs, one solution!


  • Trinity can be used to cleanse the Natural Nail Plate prior to the application of gel or acrylic products.
  • Trinity will remove any residue (dust, impurities, oils) from the Natural Nail Plate to provide the perfect base to apply gel or acrylic product.


  • Trinity has been developed in order to fully dehydrate the natural nail plate temporarily to provide a clean, oils free surface to apply product.
  • Helps to prevent lifting of product.
  • Increases longevity of nail services.
  • Fully decontaminates the surface of the nail for increased adhesion.


  • Trinity will remove the inhibition layer to any gel product with ease, revealing a high gloss shine from your topcoat or gel enhancement.







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