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The UK's Leading Online Nail Workshop provider!

What to expect:

  • Fun learning experience
  • Lifetime Access.
  • Access to watch the workshops as many times as you like, within the comfort of your own home or salon.
  • Continued support through the workshop group.
  • Continued support within the safe learning platform that is Get Nailed by Lauren McBride Workshops Group on Facebook.

How to access your workshop:

Once you have purchased your workshop you will be added to the Workshop Facebook group. As with all of the Get Nailed platforms this is a safe learning group that is designed to encourage your interaction and to ask as many questions as you like without being made to feel inadequate!

All workshops are hosted by Lauren McBride, which are detailed throughout every step of the process that is being taught!

So what are you waiting for...get the workshop in your basket...TRUST ME your future nail career will thank you for it!