WOWGEL HALO (Ivory) 30g

WOWGEL HALO (Ivory) 30g

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The gel that everybody has been asking for!

The perfect formula of the Get Nailed by Lauren McBride WowGel is self-leveling, provides perfect adhesion, and the high plasticity guarantees durability and prevents lifting and fractures.

WowGel Halo combines high pigmentation with non-yellowing technology, that delivers the perfect natural white for a natural French look or for a classic Baby Boomer effect when teamed with WowGel Bare Necessities and WowGel Glass Slipper.

WowGel Halo has been developed to be applied thinly or in a thicker layer to create and adapt the desired effect i.e. baby boomers, reverse French, classic French, encapsulation under the WowGel Glass Slipper to create strong natural nails or enhancements.

WowGel can be filed with ease to create a smooth and consistent structure prior to gel polish application, or it can be buffed to a high shine depending on the desired look.

Benefits of using WowGel:

  • One Phase Gel
  • Formulated with fiberglass – enhances strength
  • Strength of Acrylics
  • High Level of Adhesion
  • Can be used as a natural nail overlay
  • Can be used for sculpting
  • Files with ease.
  • Low exothermic reaction
  • Medium / thick viscosity – aids ease of application
  • Hema Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 60 second LED cure
  • 2 min UV cure

WowGel is available in 30ml pots which means you will have full control of the amount of product you are using, as well as controlling product wastage. For best results we recommended to use either the Get Nailed by Lauren McBride Gel Round or the Gel Square brush for application. We also recommend using the Get Nailed by Lauren McBride Curing Lamp on either a 60 second cure or a 90 second low and slow cure, to ensure a safe and complete cure.

WowGel Glass Slipper can also be used to create a base layer of gel under any gel enhancement to create a strong adhesion to problematic natural nails that are prone to lifting.